User Interface


Move Tools

The following tools are covered by this topic:

The first thing to make sure of before selecting one of these tools is that you have a selection active. Refer to the Selection Tools topic for more information on creating and editing these. Every move, resize, and rotate that you perform on a selection is added to the History Window.

When you switch to a move tool, several handles, or nubs, will appear on the edges and corners of the selection, like so:

When either of these tools is active, you may perform any of the following three actions to get the results you want. Each action may be performed multiple times, and you may mix and match them to get the right effect. Notice that in each example, when the Move Selection tool is used, the pixels that were selected are not affected.

Note: When you move pixels around on the background layer, the checkerboard pattern that is left behind is an indication that the region is transparent. The pattern is not actually part of the image.

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