Ananth Kalyanaraman

Associate Professor
School of EECS
Washington State University

From left: Ananth, Andy, Hao, Inna, Meena and YK (@Swilly's, May 2011)

Some more lab pictures here:

Kamiak Butte (Sum'12)
Meena's graduation (Sp'12)
Andy's graduation (Sp'11)

High Performance Computational Biology Lab


- Marco Minutoli, PhD (2016-)
- Priyanka Ghosh, PhD (2015-)
- Md. Methun Kamruzzaman, PhD (2015-)
- Paola G. Pesantez Cabrera, PhD (2013-)
- Hao Lu, PhD (2012-)
- Armen Abnousi, PhD (2013-), co-advisee
- Evan Olds, MS nonthesis (2013-)
- Ritche Long (2015-), Undergraduate Researcher



- Ritche Long (2015-2016), Undergraduate researcher
- Jeff Daily, PhD (2010-2015), now @ PNNL, Richland, WA

- Inna Rytsareva, PhD (2010-2014), now @ CDC, Atlanta, GA
- Tristan Mullis, MS (2012-2014), now @ SEL Inc.
- Turbo Majumder, PhD (2009-2013) co-advised w/ P. Pande, now @ IIT-D faculty
- Lyle Dallas, undergrad researcher (2013-2014)
- Daryl Deford, undergrad researcher (Summer 2012-2013), now a PhD student at Dartmouth
- Joseph Taylor, undergrad researcher (Summer 2012)
- Lydia Paradiso, undergraduate research (Summer 2012)
- Meenakshi Rameshkumar, MS (Spring 12), now @ Amazon, Inc.
- Timothy Chapman, undergraduate researcher (Summer 11)
- Michael Borgens, undergraduate researcher (Summer 11)
- Emma Corner, undergraduate researcher (Summer 11)
- Changjun (Andy) Wu, PhD, Spring 2011, now @
Launch Hub Inc., CA
- Souradip Sarkar, PhD, Fall 2010 (co-advised w/ P. Pande), now @
Agilent Tech.
- Md. Muksitul Haque, MS, Fall 2010, now a PhD student
- Gaurav Kulkarni, MS, Fall 2009, now @
- Vandhana Krishnan, MS, Summer 2009


I am always looking for PhD students highly motivated to work on parallel algorithms and implementation. Background should be in computer science or a closely related field. Please send CV with all pertinent test scores and GPA along with a brief statement of interest to

For students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science in my research group AND meet the following requirements:

(i) should have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or closely-related field,

(ii) should express a clear intent of working in at least one of the following areas: computational biology, bioinformatics, and parallel/distributed systems. While the contents of my research webpage should provide some idea about the research work in progress, I strongly encourage interested students to read a few of my earlier publications. Background in the above research areas is NOT a MUST. Nevertheless, evidence demonstrating such a background (course work included) will be a plus, and

(iii) should be proficient in at least one of these programming languages: C/C++/Java. Exposure to perl, unix shell scripting, and parallel libraries (eg., MPICH) will be treated plus.

If you meet ALL the above criteria, then please send me a brief email with the following information:

(i) a comprehensive CV/resume (attached),

(ii) GRE score, and TOEFL score (for international students), 

(iii) the semester you can join at the earliest,

(iv) (optional) a small paragraph highlighting any courses taken and/or work experience in any of the research areas mentioned above. Just a one-liner would suffice on each item, and

(v) indicate that you are responding to the contents of this webpage.

I typically respond to emails within a day or two. However, if you do not hear back from me and are still interested in applying to our graduate program, then the following website should provide all necessary information towards the application process:

For some general reading on grad study, check out the "Misc. reading" link.