Ananth Kalyanaraman

Associate Professor
School of EECS
Washington State University



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I direct the HPCBio lab at the School of EECS. Our lab is working on developing algorithms for some of the highly important data-intensive applications in modern day life sciences including: characterization of environmental microbial communities; sequencing and annotation of complex plant genomes; and vaccine development for diseases at the interface of livestock and humans. From a computer science perspective, the lab contributes to the design of novel algorithms and software that can scale to next-generation supercomputers and multicore architectures. The research projects are in collaboration with leading plant scientists, veterinary microbiologists, and systems biologists.

Recently, we have also been involved in research collaborations for regional climate modeling and engineering design. More specifically, his lab is developing cyberinfrastructure for modeling the process-level interactions among atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic layers in the Pacific Northwest region, and designing novel algorithms for evaluating socio-technical coordination in open source software and product design communities. These projects are in collaboration with faculty in environmental and mechanical engineering, respectively.

Our research is supported through grants from the National Science Foundation, United States Department of Agriculture and United States Department of Energy.

Current & recent funded projects:

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