Writing your proposal and obtaining approval for EE 495 and  CPTS 490

NOTE, the proposal must be completed before the internship work starts!!! 

Internship Proposal 

The internship proposal serves two purposes. First, it provides general information about your internship. Second, it helps you propose learning goals for your experience. 

In the internship description you must completely describe the planned internship. You must provide contact information for yourself and your mentor during the internship, job description and location, dates and duration of the internship. Additionally, I need to know which class you need to sign up for, how many credits and which semester to be enrolled in. 

Write the goals of the internship to help you develop a plan of learning, after all, you want to earn credit for this experience so there should be some learning going on. Your goals should cover both professional interests and technical interests. Professional interests may be anything form how do you conduct yourself at work, to learning a new programming language or cad tool. Professional development focuses on specific tools such as learning to program in the .net environment. 

Technical skills are those that are not linked to a specific tool or product, for example you may include goals on object oriented programming or ASICS design. 

You should use the proposal template provided. You can submit it via email as an attachment to the internship coordinator.