FALL 2010, 3cr.    (section 01)


(AUG 23 - DEC 17)





MWF 10:10 - 11






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The primary objectives of this course is as follows:

  •  Introduce new & advanced data structures

  • Introduce algorithmic design and analysis

  • Solve problems using different data structures and design techniques, and compare their performance and tradeoffs

  • Implement algorithms and data structures in C++




Ananth Kalyanaraman (call me just "Ananth")

EME 237, 335-6760

Email:   (through Angel)

Weekly office hours: Every MONDAY  4-5 pm


Teaching Assistant


            Andy Wu

            Sloan 326

            Email:    (through Angel)

            Weekly office hours: Every Tuesday 2-3 pm


Course Webpage & the Angel Portal:

    The course will use two web resources for two different purposes:

  • The "course website" (i.e., this page you are reading now) is where lecture notes, all assignments will be posted, and the course schedule will be maintained.
  • The ANGEL web portal will be used for ALL email exchanges, email announcements, program project submissions and listing of useful web links/resources.
     All email correspondences with the instructor should be sent through the Angel . Please do not use personal email ids to send from or send to the instructor, as they will be discarded.

        Angel home:    http://angel.wsu.edu/

        Angel login page:    https://lms.wsu.edu/

        Angel "Getting Started" link:    http://angel.wsu.edu/GetStarted.asp

  • Mail Alert:    Students are advised to check their ANGEL mailbox at least once a day.





  • CPTS 122
  • MATH 216 or equivalent


Required Textbooks


  •  Data structures and algorithm analysis in C++

# Author: Mark Allen Weiss

# Publisher:Addison Wesley/Pearson; 3rd Edition (February 28, 2006)

# Errata: http://www.cs.fiu.edu/~weiss/dsaa_c++3/errata.html


  •  AcceleratedC++: Practical programming by Example

# Author: Andrew Koenig, Barbara E.Moo

# Publisher: Addison Wesley/Pearson; 1stEdition (January 15, 2000)




  • Best 5 out of 6 homeworks (30%)

  • Best 4 out of 5 programs (30%)

  •  2 midterms (20%)

  • 1 final exam (20%)


Course Policiies

  • Homeworks must be submitted in class on the due date. *No late submissions* will be generally allowed.  However, earlier submissions are allowed (either in class or can be turned in at the instructor's office). Please contact the instructor to see if you are eligible for late submission if you are experiencing an emergency/extenuating circumstance.

  • Program assignments are due by 5pm on the due date. 10% late penalty for up to 24 hour late submission.

  • All exams are closed-book and comprehensive.

  • All assignments must be done individually unless otherwise explicitly stated in the problem set. Anyone cheating will receive a zero for that assignment and will be subject to the university's academic dishonesty policy. Cheating involves giving assistance to or receiving assistance from another individual. For more details on academic integrity, refer to this WSU academic integrity webpage.

  •  If there is a need for special accommodation based on disability, see below.




(will be listed as the course progresses)

  • Homework 1 PDF    past due

  • Program 1 HTML    past due

  • Homework 2 PDF    past due

  • Program 2 HTML    past due

  • Homework 3 PDF   past due

  • Program 3 HTML    past due

  • Homework 4 PDF   past due

  • Homework 5 PDF   past due

  • Program 4 PDF    past due

  • Program 5 HTML  past due

  • Homework 6 PDF   past due





Students with disabilities


Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have a disability and may need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC). All accommodations MUST be approved through the DRC (Washington Bldg, Room 217). Please stop by or call 509-335-3417 to make an appointment with a disability specialist. http://www.drc.wsu.edu


Safety on campus




WSU Campus Safety Plan:    http://safetyplan.wsu.edu/




  • Program 5 posted
  • HW5 posted
  • Check out the review slides for Midterm II under lecture notes
  • Program 4 posted
  • Homework 4 posted
  • Program 3 posted
  • Midterm exam 1 on Friday, October 15
  • Homework 3 posted below
  • Program 2 posted
  • Homework 2 posted below
  • Program 1 posted
  • Homework 1 posted
  • TA office hour is every Tuesday 2-3pm
  • Instructor's office hour is every Monday 4-5pm
  • Class begins on Monday August 23