*All* students should create a new account in OSBLE+. To do this, please follow these below instructions:

1) Registering with OSBLE+

(This is a one-time step. If you already have an OSBLE account you can skip this step.)

Go to http://plus.osble.org and Sign Up for a new academic account using your WSU student ID number.

The form should be self-explanatory. Couple of things to note when you fill this form. You need to use your WSU registered email address for contact. Because that's where OSBLE+ mails and other notifications will be sent. Of course for School Name pick Washington State University. And under School ID number, input your WSU student ID number.

After you have clicked submit the system should send an email to you to the email address you specified for account activation. Follow those instructions to activate your OSBLE+ id and you are all set.

2) Entering the Cpt S 471/571 course space:

To login to OSBLE+ using your (newly created) account, go to http://plus.osble.org and then login using your credentials.

As soon as you login with your OSBLE id, you should see an Dashboard with an Activity Feed. To your right top you should see "CptS 471/571" listed as the Course. To your left you should see an events calendar.

Next, you need to update your profile settings (this is also a one time step) by clicking on the View Personal Settings icon to your top right. Here you can upload a picture of you if you prefer. Importantly, under Email Notifications, you will see two check boxes.

I check all Email Notifications flags, to tell OSBLE+ to forward all its emails and dashboard to your WSU registered email account.  I recommend you do the same.

By the way, the Activity Feed basically has the same function as the Facebook Wall. It is a public wall which will be seen by the whole class. So I suggest use it only if you have to start a discussion relevant to the whole class.