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Office Coordinates:

Campus Address:     EME 237
Campus Mail:            2752
Street Address:         355, NE Spokane St., EME 102, Pullman, WA 99164-2752

EMAIL:     a_n_a_n_t_h@w_s_u.e_d_u                   // remove '_' before use
PHONE:   (509) 335-6760                                         //please do not use for unsolicited calls
FAX:         (509) 335-3818


Please see the Prospective Students link on the side.


    If you are an EECS CptS undergraduate student who wants to see me for mentoring/advising, then please *do not* send me a mail asking for appointments. Instead, please walk-in during any of the following weekly office hours:

FALL 2018:   (TBD)

Please send me a mail requesting for an alternative timeslot, only if none of the above timeframes work for you and I will do my best to accommodate your request as early as possible. I encourage you to come prepared with some questions to start the conversation. Please avoid waiting until the end of the semester to schedule these mentoring meetings, particularly in the last two weeks before the Finals week. They generally tend to be very busy and I may not be able to meet with you. Thanks for your co-operation.

Note that the above times are assuming that I am in town and available. If I am traveling or have other one-off meetings (I generally try not to schedule them in these times but cannot guarantee), then you won't find me in my room at those times and so if that happens, I suggest you try again some other week.