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ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover Class Reference
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class BipartiteGraphVertexCover in group22. More...

#include <BipartiteGraphVertexCover.h>

Inherits ColPack::BipartiteGraphInputOutput.

Inherited by ColPack::BipartiteGraphOrdering.

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Public Member Functions

 BipartiteGraphVertexCover ()
 ~BipartiteGraphVertexCover ()
virtual void Clear ()
virtual void Reset ()
int CoverVertex ()
int CoverVertex (vector< int > &)
int CoverMinimalVertex ()
void GetIncludedLeftVertices (vector< int > &output)
void GetIncludedRightVertices (vector< int > &output)
void GetCoveredLeftVertices (vector< int > &output)
void GetCoveredRightVertices (vector< int > &output)
void PrintBicoloringVertexCover ()

Protected Attributes

double m_d_CoveringTime
vector< int > m_vi_IncludedLeftVertices
vector< int > m_vi_IncludedRightVertices
vector< int > m_vi_CoveredLeftVertices
vector< int > m_vi_CoveredRightVertices

Detailed Description

class BipartiteGraphVertexCover in group22.

The bipartite graph bicoloring algorithms included in ColPack are variations of greedy, star and acyclic bicolorings combined with explicit and implicit vertex coverings and guided by pre-computed vertex orderings. The row and column vertices are initalized with two default colors, which are generally the color 0 for row vertices and for column vertices the color equal to one more than the sum of the numbers of row and column vertices. The vertices whose colors are subsequently changed by the algorithms constitute a vertex cover for the bipartite graph. The goal is to get the smallest vertex cover that can be colored to conform to the bicoloring constraints. The computation of vertex cover has given rise to two types of algorithms, in one of which a specialized vertex cover is computed explicitly for consumption by bicoloring algorithms and in the other implicitly within the bicoloring algorithms. The bipartite graph covering class provides methods for explicitly computing these specialized vertex covers.

Definition at line 42 of file BipartiteGraphVertexCover.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::BipartiteGraphVertexCover (  ) 

Definition at line 28 of file BipartiteGraphVertexCover.cpp.

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ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::~BipartiteGraphVertexCover (  ) 

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Member Function Documentation

void ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::Clear (  )  [virtual]
int ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::CoverMinimalVertex (  ) 
int ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::CoverVertex ( vector< int > &  vi_EdgeCodes  ) 
int ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::CoverVertex (  ) 
void ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::GetCoveredLeftVertices ( vector< int > &  output  ) 

Definition at line 2042 of file BipartiteGraphVertexCover.cpp.

References m_vi_CoveredLeftVertices.

void ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::GetCoveredRightVertices ( vector< int > &  output  ) 

Definition at line 2049 of file BipartiteGraphVertexCover.cpp.

References m_vi_CoveredRightVertices.

void ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::GetIncludedLeftVertices ( vector< int > &  output  ) 

Definition at line 2029 of file BipartiteGraphVertexCover.cpp.

References m_vi_IncludedLeftVertices.

void ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::GetIncludedRightVertices ( vector< int > &  output  ) 

Definition at line 2035 of file BipartiteGraphVertexCover.cpp.

References m_vi_IncludedRightVertices.

void ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::PrintBicoloringVertexCover (  ) 
void ColPack::BipartiteGraphVertexCover::Reset (  )  [virtual]

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