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ColPack::RecoveryCore Class Reference
[Recovery Classes]

class RecoveryCore in group5. More...

#include <RecoveryCore.h>

Inherited by ColPack::HessianRecovery, ColPack::JacobianRecovery1D, and ColPack::JacobianRecovery2D.

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Public Member Functions

 RecoveryCore ()
 ~RecoveryCore ()

Protected Member Functions

void reset ()

Protected Attributes

bool AF_available
int i_AF_rowCount
double ** dp2_AF_Value
bool SSF_available
int i_SSF_rowCount
unsigned int * ip_SSF_RowIndex
unsigned int * ip_SSF_ColumnIndex
double * dp_SSF_Value
bool CF_available
int i_CF_rowCount
unsigned int * ip_CF_RowIndex
unsigned int * ip_CF_ColumnIndex
double * dp_CF_Value

Detailed Description

class RecoveryCore in group5.

This class will keep track of all the memories allocated and its destructor will be responsible to destroy the memory allocated for arrays/matrices of all the Recovery classes.

This class currently supports matrices in one of the following three formats: RowCompressedFormat (AF), CoordinateFormat (CF), and SparseSolversFormat (SSF)

For one graph, you can call the Recovery routine once for each format. Calling the same recovery function twice will make this class reset() (see the example below):

Matrix in a particular format is generated when the Recovery routine of the corresponding format is called. For example, here is one possible sequence: JacobianRecovery1D jr1d; // create an oject of subclass of RecoveryCore jr1d.RecoverD2Row_RowCompressedFormat(graph1 , ...); // output matrix in ADOLC Format is generated jr1d.RecoverD2Row_SparseSolversFormat(graph1 , ...); // output matrix in Sparse Solvers Format is generated jr1d.RecoverD2Row_CoordinateFormat(graph1 , ...); // output matrix in Coordinate Format is generated

// Matrices in all 3 formats will be deallocated, a new output matrix in Coordinate Format is generated // Here, because the user call RecoverD2Row_CoordinateFormat() for the second time, // we assume that the user have a new graph, so clean up old matrices is necessary. // Note: DO NOT call the same recovery function twice unless you have a new graph!!! jr1d.RecoverD2Row_CoordinateFormat(graph2 , ...);

Definition at line 54 of file RecoveryCore.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ColPack::RecoveryCore::RecoveryCore (  ) 
ColPack::RecoveryCore::~RecoveryCore (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void ColPack::RecoveryCore::reset (  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int* ColPack::RecoveryCore::ip_CF_ColumnIndex [protected]
unsigned int* ColPack::RecoveryCore::ip_CF_RowIndex [protected]
unsigned int* ColPack::RecoveryCore::ip_SSF_ColumnIndex [protected]
unsigned int* ColPack::RecoveryCore::ip_SSF_RowIndex [protected]