Assefaw's page on CSCAPES

In 2006, the U.S. Department of Energy via its Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program awarded a five-year grant for the establishment of the Combinatorial Scientific Computing and Petascale Simulations Institute (CSCAPES, pronounced "seascapes"). In operation from 2006 to 2012, CSCAPES was a collaborative effort involving investigators from three universities (Purdue, Ohio State and Colorado State) and two national labs (Argonne and Sandia). It sought to develop and disseminate combinatorial algorithms and software to support petascale simulation in computational science and engineering by focusing on three major areas: load-balancing and parallelization toolkits, automatic differentiation capabilities, and graph algorithms for advanced sparse matrix computations. Training graduate students in CSC skills was a complimentary component of the mission of CSCAPES. I served as one of the investigators in CSCAPES.

The following selected publications provide some overview of the research activities in CSCAPES.

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