Assefaw Gebremedhin, Software

Parallel Maximum Clique Finder (PMC)

This is implementation of fast algorithms for maximum clique finding and related problem in large graphs that are designed to exploit features of social and information networks. See here for info on the code and its usage.

Associated Paper: R.A. Rossi, D.F. Gleich, A.H. Gebremedhin and M.M.A. Patwary, Fast maximum clique algorithms for large graphs , Poster Proceedings of WWW2014, 2014.


Software for Live-variables based Hessian computation via Automatic Differentiation (implelemted on top of ADOL-C). Code and further information available here.

Associated Paper: M. Wang, A.H. Gebremedhin and A. Pothen, Capitalizing on Live Variables: New Algorithms for Efficient Hessian Computation via Automatic Differentiation. Submitted (journal), Nov 2014.


ColPack is a software package consisting of implementations of fast and effective algorithms for a variety of graph coloring, vertex ordering, and related problems. Many of the coloring problems model partitioning needs arising in compression-based computation of Jacobian and Hessian matrices using Automatic Differentiation. Several of the coloring problems also find important applications in various areas outside derivative computation. ColPack is implemented in C++ in an object-oriented fashion heavily using STL.

ColPack, Other Tools, and Impact (selected stories)