This Insertion Sort algorithm sorts in ascending order - i.e., smaller elements move to the front of the list.

Instructions on use of the applet

The user of the applet is advised to read this section in order to make the best use of the applet. If you have a large enough browser window, this page should be scrolled so that the applet itself (including the interaction panel at the bottom of the display part of the applet) is visible along with these instructions. The buttons in the interaction panel are to be used in the following manner:


NOTE : Clicking on the ">>" or "<<" buttons will move the sort forward (or backward) at a VERY FAST pace, which may be unobservable. These are essentially "Fast Forward" or "Rewind" buttons. If you want to see the sort move ahead at a reasonable pace, click on the "Slow" button and then use the slider bar to adjust the delay to a suitable value.

Insertion Sort Animation with User Input