Advanced Data Structures (CptS 223) Spring 2008

Section 01, MWF 12:10-1:00pm, Sloan 233
Washington State University
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Past semesters taught (similar course at UT Arlington): Fall 98, Spring 99, Fall 99

Description: Advanced data structures, algorithm design and analysis techniques, and object-oriented programming.

Objectives: Students passing this course will be able to perform an object-oriented design, implementation and analysis of advanced data structures in order to meet the requirements of specific problems.

Prerequisites: Data Structures (CptS 122), Discrete Structures (Math 216 or equivalent).


Grading: 6 homeworks (30%), 5 programs (30%), 2 in-class exams (20%), final exam (20%).

Instructor: Larry Holder , EME 227, 335-6138, Office hours: MWF 1-2, or by appointment.

Teaching Assistant: Allen Christiansen, EME 136, 335-8005, Office hours: MTW, 11-12.

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