CptS 570 - Machine Learning


Due: Each day of student presentations by start of class.

No late submissions will be accepted.

Critiques are due by the beginning of class each day of class presentations (see the course schedule for presentation dates). Presenters do not have to submit a critique on the day of their presentation. All others must submit a critique on one of the papers being presented that day.

A critique is not a summary of the paper, nor an assessment of the writing style, but a critical assessment of the main points of the paper. Critiques should be approximately one page, single spaced. About one-third to one-half of the critique should summarize the main points of the paper. Next, the student should provide their own opinions on these points, whether the conclusions are convincing, and why or why not. Finally, the critique should discuss the student's own conclusions about the topics of the paper, e.g., are there better ways to address the same issues, and how they relate to other topics discussed in the course.