Machine Learning

Homework 1

Due: September 4, 2009 (midnight)

For this assignment you will familiarize yourself with the WEKA Machine Learning Software, which we will use throughout the course for testing various learning algorithms.

  1. Download and install WEKA on your preferred platform. WEKA is available here. Be sure to get the latest stable version (3.6.1). WEKA is already installed on the machines in Sloan 353.
  2. Run the ConjunctiveRule classifier on each of the 10 datasets supplied with WEKA and collect the output of the runs.
    1. Run WEKA and choose Applications->Explorer.
    2. Under Preprocess tab select "Open file..." to select a database from the data directory.
    3. Under Classify tab select "Choose" to select the ConjunctiveRule classifier.
    4. Select "Use training set" for the "Test options".
    5. Click "Start" to run and retain the output for use below.
  3. Find a dataset of interest to you (other than those that come with WEKA), convert it to WEKA's ARFF format, and run the ConjunctiveRule classifier on it as described above. See the data repository links under Course Resources on the main course web page for some sources of data.
  4. Prepare one table showing the following information for each of the 11 datasets.
  5. Email to me ( a ZIP file containing the following.