CptS 580 Gerontechnology II

Final Presentation

Due: April 12-21, 2011

Each team should prepare a final presentation of the information in their final report. Presentations will occur on the following dates. If your team has a conflict with their scheduled time, you are welcome to switch with another team (and let me know).

Presentation Requirements

  1. Presentations should cover all the material contained in the final report.
  2. Presentations should be approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Each team member should participate in the presentation.
  4. Presentations should be electronic (PowerPoint or PDF) and follow good presentation style (e.g., not too much text per slide, big fonts, do not read your slides, use graphics and multimedia effectively, practice).
  5. Email your presentation (PowerPoint or PDF) to me (holder@eecs.wsu.edu) by Friday, April 22.