CptS 580 Gerontechnology II

Final Report

Due: May 2, 2011

Each team should prepare a final report that contains the following information about your project. Note that this information should by updated to reflect any changes since your initial report.

  1. Project name and team member names
  2. Brief one-paragraph description of the project
  3. Description of the Need for the project
  4. Description of the Benefits of the project
  5. Detailed description of your Approach and any changes since initial report
  6. Description of Alternative approaches
  7. Schedule for the project
  8. Deviations from initial schedule
  9. List of accomplishments of each team member
  10. Budget (projected and actual costs)
  11. Evaluation Plan and Results
  12. Conclusions and Future Directions
  13. References

Email your final report (nicely-formatted in PDF or MSWord) to me (holder@eecs.wsu.edu) by the above deadline.

ALSO, each individual student should email me (holder@eecs.wsu.edu) an assessment of their team's performanceby the above deadline. For each team member, including yourself, provide a percentage of the overall effort and a short description of what was done by the team member. These emails will be considered confidential between you and me.