CptS 580 Gerontechnology II

Homework 2

Due: April 8, 2011

Each individual student, working independently, should perform a detailed written review of an original research paper appearing in the Gerontechnology Journal. Note that only titles and abstracts are publically accessible. Let me know once you find a paper of interest. Your review should be about two pages and should address the following areas.

  1. Describe the relevance of the paper to Gerontechnology.
  2. Describe the main contribution(s) of the paper.
  3. Describe three strong points about the paper.
  4. Describe three weak points about the paper.
  5. Provide detailed comments/criticisms on the technical content of the paper.

Email your review (nicely-formatted in PDF or MSWord) to me (holder@eecs.wsu.edu) by the above deadline.