CptS 580 Gerontechnology II

Initial Report

Due: January 28, 2011

Each team should prepare an initial report that contains the following information about your project.

  1. Project name and team member names
  2. Brief one-paragraph description of the project
  3. Description of the Need for the project
  4. Description of the Benefits of the project
  5. Description of your Approach
  6. Description of Alternative approaches (and why yours is better; include references)
  7. Schedule for the project (subtasks to be completed; their estimated start date, duration and end date; dependent subtasks; and responsible team members)
  8. List of responsibilities of each team member
  9. Budget (special resources and funds needed to complete project)
  10. Evaluation Plan (how will you evaluate your project, IRB approval status)
Email your initial report (nicely-formatted in PDF or MSWord) to me (holder@eecs.wsu.edu) by the above deadline.