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Properties of B-Trees

1. Node x

n(x) = #keys stored here
leaf(x) = true if leaf node
  key1(x) key2(x) key3(x) key4(x) ... keyn(x)(x)
$\downarrow$ $\downarrow$ $\downarrow$ $\downarrow$ $\downarrow$ ... $\downarrow$
c1(x) c2(x) c3(x) c4(x) c5(x) ... cn(x)+1(x)
keys k1 keys k2 keys k3 keys k4 keys k5 ... keys kn(x)+1

\begin{displaymath}k_1 \;\leq\; key_1(x) \;\leq\; k_2 \;\leq\; key_2(x) \;\leq\; ... \;\leq\;
key_{n(x)}(x) \;\leq\; k_{n(x)+1}\end{displaymath}

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