CSE 4316 Spring 2001

Homework 1

Due: February 16, 2001, midnight (email to red@cse.uta.edu)

For this homework you will use Microsoft Project 98 to create the ABC Office Designs IS project described in the textbook. Specifically,

  1. Obtain Microsoft Project 98. If you did not receive the 120-day evaluation copy with your textbook, you can obtain it for a limited time at


  2. Create a new project whose starting date is February 16, 2001.

  3. Following Figure 10.17 on page 245 of the textbook, enter the 22 tasks along with their durations and dependencies.

  4. Add headings to each group of tasks as shown in Figure 9.11. For example, add the heading ``Problem Definition'' to the three subtasks ``Gather Data,'' ``Study Feasibility'' and ``Prepare Report.'' Ignore tasks 3.1.1-3.1.4, 4.1.1 and 4.1.2.

  5. Create a resource for each person listed across the top of Figure 9.11 and assign them to their appropriate primary tasks as depicted in Figure 9.14. You do not need to enter any salary or budget information at this time.

  6. Define the term critical path and determine the ordered list of tasks that comprise the critical path for this project.

  7. Email your submission to red@cse.uta.edu by the above deadline. Your submission should include the definition of critical path, the ordered list of tasks comprising the critical path of the project, and an attachment containing the Microsoft Project 98 .mpp file for the project.