CSE 4316 Spring 2001

Homework 3

Due: April 20, 2001, midnight (email to red@cse.uta.edu)

  1. Read Chapter 1 of Bowyer's ``Ethics and Computing, 2nd Edition.'' For those of you who do not have the second edition, a PDF file of Chapter 1 (minus figures) is available at http://ranger.uta.edu/~holder/courses/cse4316/chapter1.pdf.

  2. Read the McFarland article at the end of chapter 1 (in both editions) and answer all the questions on the WORKSHEET - ``Urgency of Ethical Standards Intensifies'' in the 2nd edition.

  3. Read the article entitled ``Anatomy of a Fraud'' from the September 16, 1996 issue of Business Week and answer the questions on the two WORKSHEETs ``Anatomy of a Fraud (Part 1)'' and ``Anatomy of a Fraud (Part 2)'' in the 2nd edition. The article is available online at http://www.businessweek.com/1996/38/b3493123.htm.

  4. Email your submission to red@cse.uta.edu by the above deadline. Your submission should include the answers to all of the above questions.