CSE 4316 Spring 2001

Prototype Report and Presentation

Project Report and Individual Emails Due: May 4, 2001, midnight

The Prototype Report and Presentation should review your project and project plan, describe progress to date and work remaining, and demonstrate functionality achieved. The specific components are outlined below. Your main goal is to demonstrate to me that you have done what you said you would do by this date, and if not, provide a very good reason why not. Grading will be similar to the Project Plan Report and Presentation with an added emphasis on functionality achieved. Individual emails evaluating the team are also required and are described further below.

1. Prototype Presentation

The Prototype Presentation is a professional quality multimedia slide-based (preferably Microsoft PowerPoint) presentation of your project along with a demonstration. See the Prototype Report section below for details on the content of your presentation. All team members are expected to participate in the presentation and have a professional appearance (e.g., no jeans, no tennis shoes, no T-shirts). Each team will be given 50 minutes for their presentation (45 minutes) and questions and feedback from the audience (5 minutes). Presentations will be given on the following dates.

Please email me (holder@cse.uta.edu) your team's preferences for dates. Reservations will be prioritized in the order I receive them. Also, let me know if you will need to present in the lab instead of the classroom.

2. Prototype Report

The Prototype Report is a professional quality document and should be emailed to me (holder@cse.uta.edu) and published on your team's web site by the above deadline. The report should also describe progress since your prototype presentation.

2.1. Introduction

The Introduction should include your team/project name and your team members' names, titles, and contacts (email). The Introduction should also give a brief overview of the project, including the problem statement, proposed solution, and benefits to the customer. Also, review the graphical diagram of your project.

2.2. Review Project Plan

Summarize the main components of your Project Plan, including milestones, deliverables, resource needs, schedule, quality control, project control, and documentation. Also, review the individual task plans for each team member, including a task description and relationship to other tasks.

2.3. Progress Report

The section can be integrated with the individual task plans in the previous section. Here you will describe the work already completed and work remaining to be done (do not just give percentages). Specifically, for the overall project, you should describe progress to date, deviations from the project plan, work remaining, and resources acquired and still needed. In addition, each team member will describe their progress to date, deviations from their individual task plans, and work remaining.

2.4. Testing and Demonstration

Describe testing done to date, functionality achieved, and the demonstration. During the presentation, you will demonstrate this functionality using a working prototype.

2.5. Future Plans

Summarize the work remaining through the end of the summer. Summarize the functionality of the final product.

3. Team Evaluations

This section will not be part of the report, but requires an email sent to me from each team member evaluating all the team members (including yourself). The evaluation should be a number (1-5), where 5 is excellent and 1 is poor, and an explanation of why the team member deserves this numeric evaluation. Possible aspects to consider in your evaluation and explanation include distribution of workload, cooperation, initiative, and satisfactory performance of assigned tasks. For the team leader, also consider their leadership qualities. All evaluations will remain confidential. These emails are also due by the above deadline.