University of Texas at Arlington
Computer Science Engineering
Spring 2001

CSE 4316 - Computer System Design Project I
Section 001, 229 Nedderman Hall, MW 11-11:50am
Section 301, 125 Nedderman Hall, F 11am-12:50pm

Description: The industrial environment and the phased system development process as applied to computer hardware and software design projects. Teams of students prepare and present planning and definition documentation for a design project to be rapid-prototyped, and then completed in CSE 4317 the following semester.
Prerequisites: Software Engineering (CSE3310), Computer Architecture (CSE 3322), Embedded Computer Systems (CSE 3442), Engineering Economics (IE 3312), and Professional and Technical Communication (SPCH 3302).
Textbooks: Gido and Clements, Successful Project Management, South-Western College Publishing, 1999.
  Bowyer, Ethics and Computing: Living Responsibly in a Computerized World, Second Edition, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2001.
Objectives: (1) Introduce elements of the phased system development process including requirements specification, risk assessment, design methodologies, testing, documentation, and technical presentations.
(2) Use rapid-prototyping approach to specify, design, and document a team design project. The prototype will be built and tested in the first semester, and the project will be completed through the pilot model and final phases in the summer term.
(3)Introduce and discuss the concepts of professionalism, ethics, industrial environment, project organization, and management theory.
Instructor: Larry Holder, 344 Nedderman Hall, 272-2596,
Office hours: MW 1-2pm
GTA: Robert ``Red'' Hoar, 125 Nedderman Hall,
Office hours: Friday 11am-1pm.


Team: Weight Due Scale
Team/Team Leader   1/26 A 90-100
Project Proposal 5% 2/2 B 80-89
Project Plan 10% 2/19 C 70-79
Project Plan Presentation 10% 2/26 - 3/5 D 60-69
Progress Reports (3) 15% 3/16, 4/6, 4/20 F 0-59
Prototype Presentation 10% 4/25 - 5/2    
Prototype Report 10% 5/4    
Exam 15% 4/16    
Assignments (3) 15% 2/9, 3/9, 4/13    
Attendance and Lab Conduct 10%      

Course Policies

  1. The exam and assignments will cover assigned readings, lectures and handouts.

  2. All work in this course must be submitted on time. No credit will be given for late submissions.

  3. All individual work assigned in this course must be done without assistance except from the instructor and teaching assistant. This includes individual portions of reports.

  4. Students are expected to attend every MW class period and all presentations. Each absence after the first will result in a one percentage point deduction of the student's attendance grade. Exceptions will be made for validated medical reasons or if the student provides an unavoidable reason to the instructor at least one week in advance of absence.

  5. Each team will be provided web space where they are expected to maintain a professional web page describing their project. All reports will be published electronically on this web page.

  6. All presentations must be professional and include a significant contribution from each team member.

  7. You must read your email frequently to stay in touch with your instructor.

Lab Policies

  1. Students enrolled in CSE 4316 will be given access to the senior design lab (125/126NH). Only students in CSE 4316 (when granted access) and CSE 4317 may use the lab's computer systems, and then only for their project related activities.

  2. Each team will have exclusive use of a computer in the lab. With the permission of the instructor or lab assistant, you may modify the system (install different OS, software, hardware, etc.) to fit the needs of your project. The computer must be in a working state with the original hardware upon completion of 4317.

  3. No games of any sort may be played on, or loaded to the computers.

  4. No equipment may be removed from the lab without the explicit permission of the instructor or lab assistant.

  5. If necessary to the project conduct, teams may be assigned a locker in the lab. The team will be responsible for securing the locker and providing a key or combination to the locker to the lab assistant.

  6. Documentation and lab equipment may be checked out from the lab assistant, and returned when finished or before the maximum checkout period.

  7. Students may not disrupt the conduct of other projects in the lab.

  8. Students violating these policies may lose access to the lab and/or receive a deduction in their course grade.