CSE 4317 Homework 2

Due: June 15, 2001 by midnight (no late submissions accepted)

Submit via email to holder@cse.uta.edu (not to Red!).

Read the article "Melissa Virus Creates a New Type of Threat" in IEEE Computer, Volume 32, Number 6, pages 16-19, 1999 (click here for PDF). This article is also reprinted in Bowyer, 2nd edition, on pages 135-138. Answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of systems were affected by this virus?

  2. What were the estimates of costs and damage caused by the virus?

  3. How quickly was the (alleged) creator of the virus arrested?

  4. What are the potential penalties if the person is convicted? Are they appropriate? Too lenient? Too harsh? Why?

  5. What is the trade-off between security and functionality that is illustrated by the Melissa virus? Is the added functionality worth the added security risk? Why are why not?