CSE 4317 Poster Presentation Details

The poster session will be held 1:00-2:20pm on Monday, August 6, 2001 in room 315 Nedderman Hall. Your poster must be in place and ready for display by 1pm. The entire team must be available the entire time to answer questions about your project. All CSE faculty and students will be invited to attend the poster session. You are welcome to invite others, especially industry representatives.

The poster should be more of a promotional/marketing tool for your project, not merely a technical presentation. Your poster should be visual, including your team name, pictures of the team members and pictures of the final project apparatus. The rest can be filled with "action shots", high-level technical schematics, project features, brochure-type verbage, etc. Those viewing the poster should be able to quickly assess the problem addressed, the proposed solution, the design and implementation of the solution, the project features and the capabilities of the team. You should bring as much actual project apparatus as possible to augment the presentation, but the poster should be able to stand alone and satisfy the above requirements without extra hardware.

The poster should be approximately 3x4 feet of heavy cardboard so it stands on its own. The poster will remain the property of UT Arlington. Contact me if you need help getting the poster board or supplies.