CSE4317 Individual Presentation Topics

Striving for Fairness [Bowyer, Chapter 10]

  1. Age discrimination. The Supreme Court continues to clarify what proof employees must provide to show they were victims of unlawful age bias on the job. In a recent case (Reeves vs. Sanderson Plumbing Products), Roger Reeves successfully sued the company in Federal Court after losing his job for alleged age discrimination. However, the award was later overturned due to a different perspective by the appeals court on the evidence necessary to prove age discrimination. Report on the details of this case and its outcome, as well as the current guidelines on age discrimination.

  2. Coca-Cola discrimination lawsuit. In 2000, numerous Coca-Cola employees sued the company over alleged discrimination. The employees claim that they were treated unfairly when it came to hiring, promotions and salary increases. Report on the details of this lawsuit, its outcome, and what Coca-Cola is doing to address these concerns.

  3. Genetic discrimination. The mapping of the human genome marks a major milestone in the ability to genetically profile individuals. Such profiling, popularized by the recent movie Gattaca, has the potential to be used for discrimination in the workplace. Report on the current debate over genetic discrimination and proposed measures to prevent such discrimination from becoming reality.

  4. Fairness of affirmative action. Many organizations advertise themselves as "equal opportunity and affirmative action" (EOAA) employers. However, opponents to affirmative action argue that it is simply reverse discrimination, and some organizations have begun terminating their affirmative action programs. Report on the debate surrounding the goals and effectiveness of affirmative action programs, and on recent decisions by some organizations to terminate the program.

  5. Sexual harassment in the 90s. The 1990s has seen an unprecedented number of high-profile sexual harassment claims activity: Anita Hill testifying before the U.S. Senate; Paula Jones filing a lawsuit against President Clinton; Sergeant Gene McKinney, the Army's top enlisted soldier, resigning his rank; and of course, Monica Lewinski. These cases have increased awareness of sexual harassment issues, and the number of sexual harassment lawsuits is on the rise. Report on recent trends in sexual harassment lawsuits and what organizations are doing to protect themselves.