CSE 5311 Fall 2004 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Course Details

  1. Assigned readings are from the required textbook. You should read the introductory material at the beginning of each chapter whose sections are referred to in the assigned readings.

  2. Programs will be submitted electronically via email. The final program must compile and run correctly on the OIT UNIX machine omega.uta.edu. Programs are due by midnight on the date indicated on the syllabus. No late submissions will be accepted. You can find out more about obtaining an omega account at OIT's website oit.uta.edu.

  3. Seven 30-minute closed-book, closed-notes quizzes will be given throughout the semester. Quizzes cover primarily the material introduced since the previous quiz, but may reference earlier material.

  4. All work in this class must be done individually. Anyone cheating on work assigned in this class will receive a zero grade for the entire assignment and will be subject to the university's academic dishonesty policy. Cheating involves giving assistance or receiving assistance (including the internet) on work assigned in this class. If you have any questions regarding an assignment, see the instructor or teaching assistant. See the Office of Student Judicial Affairs http://www.uta.edu/studentaffairs/judicialaffairs for more information.

    If you require an accommodation based on disability, I would like to meet with you in the privacy of my office, during the first week of the semester, to make sure you are appropriately accommodated.