Artificial Intelligence II

CSE 5361 Section 001 Spring 2005

Homework 5

In-Class Presentations: May 3/5, 2005.

Presentation/Paper Due: May 5, 2005 (midnight). No late submissions accepted.

For this homework you will prepare and deliver a presentation on your project and a paper related to the class library you are implementing for your project. Specifically,

  1. Identify a conference paper published no earlier than 2000 that is related to the class library you are building for your project. For example, if you are building a vision library, then find a paper on some aspect of computer vision.

  2. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing the following. You should target the presentation to be about 10 slides (i.e., a 10-minute presentation).

    1. AI technique implemented as a class library for your project.
    2. How this AI technique works.
    3. How this AI technique is used in your wumpus-world agent.
    4. How your agent works overall.
    5. Reference for selected paper.
    6. Main contributions of the paper.
    7. How might the topics in the paper improve your project.

  3. You will deliver your presentation in class. I have semi-randomly scheduled the presentations as follows. Please arrive early on your presentation day so that we can load your presentation on the computer before class.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2005
    1. Yanes
    2. Inavolu
    3. Mohan
    4. Yearsley
    5. Ryu
    6. Aguilar

    Thursday, May 5, 2005
    1. Patel
    2. Chiu
    3. You
    4. Kim
    5. Dang

  4. Submit your PowerPoint presentation and an electronic copy of your selected paper to me ( by the above deadline. You will be graded on the content and quality of your presentation, and the relevance of the selected paper.