Artificial Intelligence II

CSE 5361 Section 001 Spring 2005

Class Project

Proposal Due: April 12, 2005 (midnight).
Project Due: May 10, 2005 (midnight)
No late submissions accepted.

For the class project, you will design and implement the best-performing wumpus-world agent possible. As part of this task, you must design and implement an object-oriented class library in Java for one or more of the AI techniques listed below and use them within your agent. Although the primary goal is an awesome agent, a secondary goal is good object-oriented design. In regards to changes in the wumpus simulator, there will still be only one wumpus, but it can move. You may also want to include vision and/or natural language capabilities to take advantage of the bitmap image and natural language hint percepts.

There are many resources on the web for Java AI software, but a good starting point is the website for the textbook at You are welcome to use web resources as long as you clearly cite the source and what contribution you made to them for your project work.

Project Details and Grading

On or before the above proposal due date, you should email to me ( a proposal of your class project. The project proposal should indicate which of the above areas you plan to work on and a more-detailed description of the functionality of your class library and agent. I encourage you to submit your proposal as soon as possible to get my okay and begin work. In addition to the well-documented Java code of your class library and agent implementations, you should also provide an electronic document (MSWord, PDF, PostScript) describing the interface to your class library, how it works, how you use it in your agent, and how well the agent performs on a variety of worlds in the wumpus-world simulator. Your code should compile and execute on the gamma2 machine. Also, your code should generate output demonstrating the functionality of your project. Projects will be graded based on their level of difficulty, correctness, readability, efficiency, and performance in the wumpus world.