CSE 5361 Spring 2006 - Artificial Intelligence II

Course Details


The purpose of this course is to expose the student to advanced AI techniques with an emphasis on implementation and experimentation and with the goal of building robust intelligent agents.


Readings will be taken primarily from the required textbook by Russell and Norvig. However, additional readings may be assigned as needed to augment the presentation in the textbook. Reading assignments are listed on the course schedule. Students are expected to have completed the assigned readings prior to that class period.


Students will be required to complete several homework assignments. Homeworks will provide hands-on experience with selected AI methods and will test the student's understanding of topics discussed in class. Coding will be required. Assignment due dates will be posted on the class schedule. No late assignments will be accepted.


The project will involve the design, implementation, and evaluation of an intelligent agent built using one or more of the techniques discussed throughout the course. Students will provide code for their agent and documentation of the design and evaluation. Students will also give an in-class presentation and demonstration of their project (this presentation is in addition to the class presentation described below).

Class Presentation

Each student will make a class presentation based on an advanced topic in AI to be approved by the instructor. The presentation must be original and demonstrate an indepth understanding of the topic, including background material from relevant publications and websites. The student must also select a related paper to be assigned reading in the class.

Class Participation

Each student is expected to participate in class by joining discussions, answering questions and demonstrating knowledge of topics covered in previous lectures and assigned readings. Students may also be asked to submit written critiques of assigned readings.

Academic Integrity

All work in this class must be done individually. Anyone cheating on work assigned in this class will receive a zero for that assignment and will be subject to the university's academic dishonesty policy. Cheating involves giving or receiving assistance on work assigned in this class. If you have any questions regarding an assignment, see the instructor.