Artificial Intelligence II

CSE 5361 Section 001 Spring 2006

Homework 5

Due: April 27, 2006 (midnight). No late submissions accepted.

For this homework your agent will no longer be given the goal location and therefore has to search the map inorder to find it. The goal location is visually represented as a flag, and one of percepts has been used to indicate when you have reached the flag. The design of your agent should be focussed on an efficient search of the map until teh flag is found. The specific requirements are enumerated below.

    We will be using the new version 1.0 of the Urban Combat Testbed (UCT). You should have already received download instructions for this version, and hopefully have it up and running. You will also need a new set of maps that place the flag at various places around the UCT_Apartments map. These new maps are available at maps. You will need to put this file in the baseuct directory. There are ten maps named hwmap01-hwmap10. You can start up the game with one of these maps by executing ./ hwmap01 or by typing /devmap hwmap01 into the game console (accessed via the tilde (~) key). Also, a slightly-modified version of the is available here, which detects if the flag can be seen by the agent (and gives its location) and when the agent is holding the flag (by accessing the BLEEDING percept). This reflex agent still requires a goal location, which you can determine for the test maps above, but of course, will not know for the maps used to test your agent. You will also need a new version of dca_common.h, because the percept ordering has changed slightly.

  1. You can design your own strategy for exploring the map and looking for the flag, but most likely you will want to still read in the SSPS information and then systematically search the areas. While your agent may wander around quite a bit, it should make constant, albeit slow, progress toward exploring the map and narrowing down where the map is and is not.

  2. Your agent will be tested in the same UCT_Apartments map as used in the hwmap01-hwmap10 maps, but with different flag locations. The starting point will be the same; namely, X=-560, Y=-592, Z=-39.875. Your agent will be evaluated according to its speed and success at finding the flag in the test maps.

  3. Document the design of your agent, especially the new elements added for this homework, in a separate document (MSWord, PDF or text). You should also describe the strengths and weaknesses of your agent in regards to the task described above.

  4. Submit all source code and design document files in one zip file to me ( by the above deadline. Also include in your submission a README file that describes what files are in your submission and any special instructions for building and running your agent. Most likely, you will submit an file, design document, and README, and the file can be compiled in the agent directory just as the original one. In addition to correct functionality and satisfaction of the above constraints, your submission will be graded based on good programming style and documentation.