Artificial Intelligence II

Class Presentation and Project

Presentation Topic Proposal Due: March 30, 2006 (midnight)
Project Proposal Due: March 30, 2006 (midnight)
Project Due: May 9, 2006 (midnight)


On or before the above Presentation Topic Proposal due date, you should email me ( the proposed topic for your class presentation and at least one related conference or journal paper. Presentations should be approximately 30 minutes. Presentations will be graded based on your coverage of the topic, knowledge of the topic, critical evaluation of the topic, and quality of the presentation and delivery. I strongly recommend you use PowerPoint, or some other electronic form, for your presentation to expedite the delivery of information. General topic areas include advanced research in an area of AI or the use of AI in games similar to the Urban Combat Testbed. Presentation topics and paper selections must be approved by me. See class schedule for presentation dates.


On or before the above Project Proposal due date, you should email me ( a proposal for your class project. Your class project will involve the implementation of a C++ class library providing a standard AI capability (see below for some ideas) and the use of this capability in your UCT agent to improve its performance. You should also enhance your UCT agent in other ways, since performance on test scenarios will factor into your project grade.

The project proposal should indicate which AI capability you plan to work on and a more-detailed description of the functionality of your class library and agent. I encourage you to submit your proposal as soon as possible to get my okay and begin work.

In addition to the well-documented C++ code of your class library and agent implementations, you should also provide an electronic document (MSWord, PDF, PostScript) describing the interface to your class library, how it works, how you use it in your agent, and how well the agent performs on a variety of UCT scenarios. Your code should generate output demonstrating the functionality of your project. Projects will be graded based on their level of difficulty, correctness, readability, efficiency, and performance in UCT test scenarios.

Project Presentation

As part of your project you will give an in-class presentation that describes the AI capability and use of your class library, how this capability is used in your agent, other enhancements to your agent, evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your agent, and a demonstration that clearly shows the use of your new capabilities. Your presentation should also be included in the deliverables for your final project submission. See the class schedule for project presentation dates.

Project Ideas