Artificial Intelligence II (CSE 5361) Spring 1997
C++ Edition

Section 551, TuTh 7-8:20pm, 111 Nedderman Hall
University of Texas at Arlington
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Description: This course describes the AI techniques necessary for an agent to act intelligently in the ``real'' world. Techniques include uncertainty reasoning, learning, natural language processing, vision and speech processing. Basic AI techniques (such as search, knowledge representation and planning) will be reviewed in the context of the C++ programming language which will be used for implementing the more advanced techniques. Emphasis will be on implementation and experimentation with the goal of building robust intelligent agents.

Prerequisites: Artificial Intelligence I (CSE 5360).

Textbooks: Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, 1995. Tracy and Bouthoorn, Object-Oriented Artificial Intelligence Using C++, W. H. Freeman, 1997.

Grading: 8 Homeworks (75%), Project (25%).

Instructor: Larry Holder , 330 Nedderman Hall, 272-2596, Office hours: 6-7pm TuTh.


  1. Syllabus (postscript)
  2. Homework 1 (postscript)
  3. Homework 2 (postscript)
  4. Homework 3 (postscript)
  5. Homework 4 (postscript)
  6. Homework 5 cancelled
  7. Homework 6 (postscript)
  8. Homework 7 (postscript)
  9. Homework 8 (postscript)
  10. Class Project (postscript)


  1. Wumpus World Simulator

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