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CSE 5361 Spring 1999

Homework 1

Due: February 9, 1999, 7:00pm (February 10, 1999, 7:00pm for -10%)

Section 6.2 of Russell and Norvig describes the wumpus-world environment. A wumpus-world simulator written in C++ is available in the wumpus directory under our class directory /public/cse/5361-501 on the gamma2 machine. Your assignment is to write a SIMPLE-REFLEX-AGENT, as in Figure 2.8 of Russell and Norvig, to navigate the wumpus world. The specific requirements are enumerated below.

Read through the wumpus-world simulator documentation (in html directory) and code to familiarize yourself with the design of the simulator. The MyPlayer files contain a simple agent that is either random, suicidal, a cheater, or controlled by you. Your player implementation should follow the general framework of MyPlayer.

Implement a STATE class to hold information gained from the current percept, but not previous percepts. Your agent will be tested by running wumpus -t 5 -s N (where N may vary between 4 and 10). There is no need to retain state information from one trial to the next for this agent.

Implement a procedure CHOOSEACTION that returns the action based on the state information and condition-action rules. This procedure replaces the two lines calling RULE-MATCH and RULE-ACTION in the SIMPLE-REFLEX-AGENT. You do not have to implement an object-oriented condition-action rule base. You can implement the condition-action rules in code, but try to be as modular as possible. For example, if the last percept contained glitter, then GRAB would be a good action.

Put all your code into one .hh and one .cc file and email them to me ( by the above due date. If your code requires any special compilation instructions, let me know or send me your Makefile. Be sure your code is well-documented and compiles using g++ on gamma2. We will be building on the wumpus world and your agent throughout the semester, so your efforts on this homework will not be wasted.

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