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University of Texas at Arlington
Computer Science Engineering
Spring 1999

CSE 5361 - Artificial Intelligence II
Sections 501, 110 Nedderman Hall, TuTh 7-8:20pm

Description: This course describes the AI techniques necessary for an agent to act intelligently in the ``real'' world. Techniques include uncertainty reasoning, learning, natural language processing, vision and speech processing. Basic AI techniques (such as search, knowledge representation and planning) will be reviewed in the context of the C++ programming language which will be used for implementing the more advanced techniques. Emphasis will be on implementation and experimentation with the goal of building robust intelligent agents.
Prerequisites: Artificial Intelligence I (CSE 5360).
Textbooks: Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, 1995.
  Tracy and Bouthoorn, Object-Oriented Artificial Intelligence Using C++, W. H. Freeman, 1997.
Grading: 6 Homeworks (70%), Project (30%)
Instructor: Larry Holder, 330 Nedderman Hall, 272-2596, Email:, Office Hours: 11a-12p, 5:30-6:30p TuTh

Course Details

Homeworks must be submitted by 7pm on the due date. Late homeworks may be submitted the following day by 7pm for a 10% penalty. No other late homeworks will be accepted. All homeworks will be submitted electronically via email to the instructor.

All programs will be written in C++ and can be developed on any machine. However, the final program must run correctly under GNU C++ on the ACS machine gamma. If you do not already have an gamma account, you will need to request one from ACS.

The project will involve the design, C++ implementation, and evaluation of an intelligent agent built using one or more of the techniques discussed throughout the course. Agents will compete in a simulated environment.

All work in this class must be done individually. Anyone cheating on work assigned in this class will receive a zero for that assignment and will be subject to the university's academic dishonesty policy. Cheating involves giving assistance to or receiving assistance from another individual on work assigned in this class. If you have any questions regarding an assignment, see the instructor.

If you require an accommodation based on disability, please see me during the first week of the semester so we can be sure you are appropriately accommodated.

Course Schedule

Class Date Topic Readings Assignments Due
1 1/19 Introduction    
2 1/21 Agents RN:2  
3 1/26 C++ TB:2,3  
4 1/28 C++ TB:A  
5 2/2 C++    
6 2/4 Knowledge RN:6,7  
7 2/9 Knowledge RN:9,10 HW1 Due
8 2/11 Knowledge TB:6,8  
9 2/16 Search RN:3  
10 2/18 Search RN:4  
11 2/23 Search TB:5 HW2 Due
12 2/25 Planning RN:11,12  
13 3/2 Planning RN:13  
14 3/4 Planning TB:10  
15 3/9 Uncertainty RN:14,15 HW3 Due
16 3/11 Uncertainty RN:16  
17 3/23 Uncertainty RN:17  
18 3/25 Learning RN:18  
19 3/30 Learning RN:19 HW4 Due
20 4/1 Learning RN:20  
21 4/6 Natural Language RN:22  
22 4/8 Natural Language RN:23  
23 4/13 Natural Language TB:11 HW5 Due
24 4/15 Vision RN:24*  
25 4/20 Vision    
26 4/22 Speech    
27 4/27 Speech   HW6 Due
28 4/29 Current Issues *  
29 5/4 Current Issues *  
30 5/6 Conclusions RN:27  
  5/13     Project Due

Asterisk `*' indicates additional readings to be distributed in class.

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