Wumpus World Simulator

C++ source code is available for the object-oriented Wumpus World Simulator with X-Windows GUI. The simulator is built on top of EGOS (Environment for Generalized Object-Oriented Simulation) and can be easily modified to produce different types of worlds. In addition to the standard wumpus-world percepts, the simulator can also provide a natural language hint and a bitmap image of an adjacent cell. Users can write arbitrarily-complex agents that reason about the percepts and return actions for navigating the wumpus world. The agent's progress is monitored using either a text-based or X-Windows-based graphical user interface.

The gzipped, tar file for the Wumpus World simulator is available as wumpus.tar.gz with documentation. The code is designed to compile using Gnu C++ under UNIX. The Java version of the Wumpus World simulator with documentation is available as javawumpus.zip.

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