CSE 6362 Spring 2003 - Intelligent Environments

Course Details


The objectives of this course are to discuss the major issues involved in realizing intelligent environments, survey relevant research and technologies, propose solutions to the major issues, and implement these solutions within the context of a simulated intelligent environment.


Required readings will be announced in class and posted on the course website. Students are expected to have completed the required readings by the beginning of class for which they are assigned.

Class Participation

A significant amount of class time will be spent discussing intelligent environment issues. Students are expected to participate in these discussions.


Weekly quizzes will be administered to test students' knowledge of required readings and recent in-class discussion.


Students will be required to complete several homework assignments. Homeworks are designed to allow the student to experiment with specific solutions to issues involved in intelligent environments. Coding will be required.


Each student will be required to an in-class presentation on a specific topic or paper related to intelligent environments. Suggested topic areas will be distributed in class.


Each student will be required to complete a project. Projects are designed to integrate solutions to several components of an intelligent environment and demonstrate intelligent behavior within a simulated environment. Students will be required to give a short, in-class demonstration of their project.

Academic Integrity

All work in this course is to be done individually, without assistance from others, except from the instructor and teaching assistant. Students may use internet resources, but must cite sources.