Intelligent Environments

Homework 1

For this assignment you will model a sensor of your choice and use CORBA to provide an interface to the sensor so that an Intelligent Environment may interact with the sensor.
  1. Find the specification of a sensor on the Internet. For example, here's a pressure sensor spec (don't use this one). Include a pointer to your chosen sensor specification as a comment in your code.
  2. Implement a CORBA IDL for your sensor. Your sensor object should support the following methods, but you are encouraged to implement others as appropriate for your sensor.
  3. Implement the server code to accompany your IDL above, and implement a client to exercise your server. Your server should not block waiting for CORBA calls - it should run continuously.
  4. Implement your CORBA IDL, server and client for your sensor according to the Coding Standard. Use a Makefile to support easy compilation. Package everything up according to the Assignment Turn-In Information and email to