Intelligent Environments

OPNET Quick Start Guide

OPNET is a network simulation tool available on the gamma2 system. The following will get you started with OPNET. More information is available at

  1. Setup your environment

    1. Add /usr/local/opnet/8.0.C/sys/unix/bin to your path on gamma2.
    2. Run opnet in an X-windows environment to bring up the main modeler page.

  2. Go through tutorials

    1. Select 'Online Tutorial' from the 'Help' menu.
    2. Select 'Modeler Tutorials'.

  3. Homework preliminaries: Create new project

    1. Start opnet.
    2. Select 'New' from the 'File' menu.
    3. Select 'Project' (default) and click 'OK'.
    4. Type in a project name and a scenario name. You will only be using one project, but possibly multiple scenarios within the project. Try to make your project and scenario names unique, e.g., including your last name in the title.
    5. Select 'Create Empty Scenario'.
    6. Select 'Office' for network scale.
    7. Enter '25' for X Span and '20' for Y Span (size should be meters).
    8. Just click 'Next' on the technologies page. You can add more later.
    9. Confirm your selections.

  4. Homework preliminaries: Load floorplan image

    1. Copy floorplan.tif to gamma2 (OPNET only accepts TIFF images).
    2. Select View -> Background -> Add image.
    3. Select Import Background Image.
    4. Change File Path to the directory and file where you stored floorplan.tif, type 'smarthome' into 'Save Background As', and click 'OK'.
    5. Drag floorplan image to upper left corner and stretch the lower right corner to the lower right of the blue scale box.

  5. Create network

  6. Simulate network