CSE 6362 Intelligent Environments

Presentation Information and Schedule

Presentation proposal due on or before Monday, March 28, 2002.

The area of Intelligent Environments encompasses a number of subareas not covered in detail in the lectures. The purpose of the student presentations is to explore these subareas.

On or before March 28 you should email me (holder@cse.uta.edu) a proposed presentation topic, one or more recent papers (PostScript, PDF, or pointer to the same) on that topic that you will focus on in your presentation, and date preferences (4/14, 4/16, 4/21). Topics and papers are subject to my approval. Presentations should last 30-40 minutes. Since part of your grade will be coverage of the topic, I strongly recommend you use PowerPoint, or some other electronic form, for your presentation to expedite the delivery of information. You will turn in an electronic copy of your slides.

Possible topics are listed below, although you may suggest others.

Presentation Grading

Your presentation will be graded on the following aspects:

Tips for Good Presentations

Presentation Schedule

Presentation Date: Monday, April 14, 2003

Number Presenter Topic Slides
1 Yousuf Ajmerwala Petriu et al., "Intelligent Robotic Sensor Agents for Environment Monitoring," Proceedings of the International Symposium on Virtual and Intelligent Measurement Systems, 2002.
2 Nikhil Chakravarthy Bishop, "A Survey of Intelligent Vehicle Applications Worldwide," Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2000.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Number Presenter Topic Slides
1 Darin Brezeale Smyth and Cotter, "Surfing the Digital Wave: Generating Personalised Television Guides using Collaborative, Case-based Recommendation," Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Case-based Reasoning, 1999.

Presentation Date: Monday, April 21, 2003

Number Presenter Topic Slides
1 Hitesh Bhambhani Howden et al., "JACK Intelligent Agents: Summary of an Agent Infrastructure," Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Autonomous Agents, 2001.
2 Cheng-Lung Chu Harter et al., "The Anatomy of a Context-Aware Application," Proceedings of the Fifth Annual ACM/IEEE Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MOBICOM), 1999.