CSE6363 Presentation Information and Schedule

Tips for Good Presentations

Presentation Grading

Your presentation will be graded on the following aspects:
Presentation Date: November 21, 2000

Number Presenter Topic
1 Adcock Lee and Liu, "ATMOSPHERE - Automatic Track Mining and Objective Satellite Pattern Hunting system using Enhanced RBF and EGDLM," AAAI-2000.
2 Baritchi Raghavan et al. "Defection Detection: Using Activity Profiles to Predict ISP Customer Vulnerability," KDD-2000.
3 Lin Liu et al., "Intuitive Representation of Decision Trees Using General Rules and Exceptions," AAAI-2000.

Presentation Date: November 28, 2000

Number Presenter Topic
1 Bean Otsuka et al., "Memory-Based Forecasting for Weather Image Patterns," AAAI-2000.
2 Han Blockeel, "Scaling Up Inductive Logic Programming by Learning from Interpretation," Journal of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 1999.
3 Huang Fu, "Knowledge Discovery by Inductive Neural Networks," IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Vo. 11, No. 6, Nov. 1999.
(paper to be distributed in class)

Presentation Date: November 30, 2000

Number Presenter Topic
1 Butler Rogers et al., "Mining GPS Data to Augment Road Models," KDD-1999.
2 Pandya Rowley et al., "Rotational Invariant Neural Network-Based Face Detection," Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 1998.
3 Sandanayake Korvemaker et al., "Predicting UNIX Command Lines: Adjusting to User Patterns," IAAI-2000.

Presentation Date: December 5, 2000

Number Presenter Topic
1 Forteza Teller and Veloso, "Program Evolution for Data Mining," International Journal of Expert Systems, 1995.
2 Youngblood Lehman et al., "A Gentle Introduction to Soar, an Architecture for Human Cognition," 1995.
Lent et al., "Intelligent Agents in Computer Games," AAAI-1999.
(Both Papers)