Machine Learning

Homework 6

Due: April 27, 2004 (midnight)

For this assignment you will compare the Progol logic-based relational learner to the Subdue graph-based relational learner. You will also demonstrate your knowledge of analytical learning.

  1. Download and install Subdue 5.1, which is available here. Run Subdue on the sample graph in graphs/sample.g. Include the output of Subdue on this graph and describe the result.
  2. Suppose we want to teach Subdue the concept of a completely connected graph of four vertices (i.e., six undirected edges, no self loops). Provide a Subdue-formatted input file and parameter settings resulting in this concept as the best substructure. Also include the Subdue output for this run.
  3. Download and install Progol 4.4, which is available here. Run Progol on the sample input in examples4.2/ Include the output of Progol on this example and describe the result.
  4. Suppose we want to teach Progol the concept of factorial(X,Y), where Y = X!. Provide a Progol input file resulting in this concept being learned. Also include the Progol output for this run.
  5. Briefly (in one paragraph) describe analytical learning. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of analytical learning. Support your claims.
  6. Email to me ( your nicely-formatted report (MSWord, PDF or PostScript) containing the requested information referred to above.