Machine Learning

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Presentation Date: April 15, 2004

Number Presenter Topic
1 Aslesha Nargolkar Lu and Getoor, "Link-based Classification," ICML 2003.
2 Uday Koorella Yan and Han, "CloseGraph: Mining Closed Frequent Graph Patterns," KDD 2003.

Presentation Date: April 20, 2004

Number Presenter Topic
1 Rip Galloway Pednault et al., "Sequential Cost-Sensitive Decision Making with Reinforcement Learning," KDD 2002.
2 Ankur Kamdar Furnkranz, "Round Robin Rule Learning," ICML 2001.
3 Maheswar Nallacharu Bauckhage et al., "Learning Human-like Opponent Behavior for Interactive Computer Games," LNCS 2003.

Presentation Date: April 22, 2004

Number Presenter Topic
1 JeongKyu Lee Jain et al., "Statistical Pattern Recognition: A Review," IEEE PAMI, 2000.
2 Rohan Shah Vilalta et al., "Predictive Algorithms in the Managemement of Computer Systems," IBM Systems Journal, 2002.
3 Abhishek Roy Sen and Kar, "An Agent-to-Agent Framework for Concept Transfer," ICCS, 2003.

Presentation Date: April 27, 2004

Number Presenter Topic
1 Mehran Asadi Andre and Russell, "State Abstraction for Programmable Reinforcement Learing Agents," AAAI 2002.
2 Erika Torres-Verdin Liu et al., "Personalized Web Search by Mapping User Queries to Categories," CIKM 2002.
3 Wei Zhang Carreras and Marquez, "Boosting Trees for Anti-Spam Email Filtering," Recent Advances in NLP, 2001.

Presentation Date: April 29, 2004

Number Presenter Topic
1 Anup Sabbi Guyon and Elisseeff, "An Introduction to Variable Feature Selection," JMLR 2003.
2 Janakiram Natarajan Guestrin et al., "Coordinated Reinforcement Learning," ICML 2002.
3 Bharat Kondeti Liu and Tian, "Multi-Agent Learning Methods in an Uncertain Environment," MLC 2002.

Presentation Date: May 4, 2004

Number Presenter Topic
1 J. David Blackstone Inokuchi et al., "An Apriori-based Algorithm for Mining Frequent Substructures from Graph Data," PPKDD 2000.
2 Chris Gonsalves Cumby and Roth, "On Kernel Methods for Relational Learning," ICML 2003.
3 Nikhil Ketkar Botta et al., "Relational Learning as Search in a Critical Region," JMLR 2003.