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EME 502

Office Hours:
Wednesday                  10:30AM-12noon

Class Times and Location:
M, W, F 9:10-10AM      Sloan 38

EE334 Computer Architecture      (Spring 2016)

Objectives: To provide a sound background on computer architecture. The main focus of this course is processor design and evaluation with case studies. A number of architectural alternatives are described and evaluated using quantitative approaches.

Homework Assignments

Homework 1: Assignment. Code (Due: February 1, 9:10AM)

Homework 2:

Homework 3:

Homework 4:

Homework 5:

Homework 6:

Homework 7:  

Homework 8:  

SAMPLE:  trace_sample

Benchmark Traces


Final Exam: May 4, 2016.  9AM-10AM  




Handouts (old)

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Instruction Set Architecture
Chapter 3: Arithmetic and Floating Point
Chapter 4: Processor (Part A)
Chapter 4: Processor (Part B)

Chapter 5: Memory  


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