Min Sik Kim

The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Computer Sciences

Transient Behaviors of TCP-Friendly Congestion Control Protocols

Y. Richard Yang, Min Sik Kim, and Simon S. Lam
Computer Networks, 41(2):193-210, February 2003.


We investigate the fairness, smoothness, responsiveness, and aggressiveness of TCP and three representative TCP-friendly congestion control protocols: GAIMD, TFRC, and TEAR. The properties are evaluated both analytically and via simulation by studying protocol responses to three network environment changes. The first environment change is the inherent fluctuations in a stationary network environment. Under this scenario, we consider three types of sending rate variations: smoothness, short-term fairness, and long-term fairness. For a stationary environment, we observe that smoothness and fairness are positively correlated. We derive an analytical expression for the sending rate coefficient of variation for each of the four protocols. These analytical results match well with experimental results. The other two environment changes we study are a step increase of network congestion and a step increase of available bandwidth. Protocol responses to these changes reflect their responsiveness and aggressiveness, respectively.