Photo Gallery 2

Helen Margaret Starr Flynn, b. 7/21/97:

Daniel and Helen:


(l. to r.: Sister Merijune; Brother Ken, SIL Diane, and Nieces Chelsea and Jamie; Nephews Matthew, Nathan, and Zachary; Niece Deven and Nephew Niko; Dry-Nephew Sam; Dry-Niece Shira; 4 pairs of skinny legs attached to self, Husband John Schneider, Henry, and Miya)

The whole clan: Back row--Ken, John (Shira's spouse), Tony, Riki. Next row--Diane (Ken's spouse), Shira, Merijune, Norma (Tony's spouse), Darla (Riki's spouse). Next row: Henry (Shira/John), Miya (Shira/John), Chelsea (Ken/Diane), Grandpa, Grandma, Jamie (Ken/Diane), Deven (Riki/Darla), Matthew (Tony/Norma). Front row: Zachary (Tony/Norma), Niko (Riki/Darla), Nathan (Tony/Norma).

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