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I am a Staff Scientist at Broadcom Santa Clara, CA, USA. Email: ysun at eecs.wsu.edu


Ph.D. in Computer Science: (Networking Lab) 12/2011 (Transcript)
EECS, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Advisors: Prof. Min Sik Kim

Ph.d Dissertation: Scalable Packet Processing for High-speed Networks

M.E. in Microelectronics: (SoC Lab) 07/2008 (Transcript)
University of Science and Technology of China , China
Advisors: Xi Jin
Thesis Topic: Comparison between Floating-point CPU and Logarithmic Number System CPU

B.S. in Applied Physics: 07/2005 (Transcript)
Department of Physics
University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China
Thesis Topic: Study on the Electromagnetic Characteristics of silver nanowire
(at Chinese Academy of Sciences)














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PhD Courses (GPA:3.97/4.00)

Master Courses: VLSI Process|Design of Analog IC|Programmbale Logic Device|Physical Electronic Logic Design and Simulatioin|Theory of Semiconductor Devices|VLSI System|VLSI CAD|ASIC Design|Computional Physics|Optics|Sensor Technology| Information Theory|

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