CptS 464/564 Spring 2020 Blog


February 18, 2020

Project1 is now out; it is due a week from Sunday (March 1) at 1159pm.

February 13, 2020

Today we (almost) finished with Chapter 2. HW1 is now given; it is due a week from this Sunday at midnight.

I have decided to require 464 to read the famous (and classic) “End-to-End” paper, not just 564. You will need it to read it to answer one of the HW1 questions.

February 4, 2020

Today we will start on Chapter 2 (pdf;ppt). Later but also middleware(pdf;ppt) and

January 30, 2020

Today we reviewed “local vs. remote calls” in the intro, and covered Chapter 1(pdf;ppt).

January 28, 2020

OK, so due to AMS problems, last Thursday we did NOT get to the intro slides. So today we covered the intro(pdf;ppt).

HW0 is released; it is due on 09-FEB.

January 23, 2020

Today we start lectures: Dr. Bakken was just discharged from the hospital an hour before class.

Today we will cover the syllabus v2 and Intro (pdf;ppt); not anything from the text.